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Our Values


We remain determined and purposeful in partnering with our client from start to finish of any project.


We are consistent, reliable and true to our word in delivery of our work


We are excited in providing guidance and direction to our clients towards attaining tax and business efficiency.


Our Mission

Giving high-quality services that exceed our clients’ expectations building long term relationships with our clients

Our Vision

Become your consulting partner

Tax advice and planning are of universal business importance, ensuring that the tax burden is no higher than it should be. The growing complexity of tax regimes and constant changes to tax laws makes it almost impossible for any individual to keep pace with the evolving world of both local and international taxation.

Our main role as tax consultants is to check and ensure that you are paying only the taxes that you are supposed to; no more no less and that you keep abreast with the ever-changing tax laws and provisions.
Our tax division recognizing that taxation constitutes a major business cost is able to provide advisory, agency and tax compliance services in a myriad of areas.

Our tax team has a reputation for creative solutions tailored individually to meet the client’s needs

The range of services provided by our tax division includes:


Tax Compliance Certificate

We help you ensure you have absolute compliance with the local tax legislation and thus help to you acquire your TCC

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Tax Dispute

Tax audits by the revenue authority, If not well managed, they can lead to significant costs, cash outflows and lots of wasted time.

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Tax Planning

Transfer pricing has become an area of major risk due to the focus by the revenue authorities across the world.

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Import/Export Excise Duty

• Tariff classification rulings
• Handling post-clearance tax audits
• Advisory on cross border trade

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Tax Refunds.

We verify lodge applications and successfully follow up tax refunds including VAT, customs and income tax refunds.

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Tax Review

Every business decision has a tax consequence. In this regard, we assist clients in transaction tax advisory to ensure tax efficiency and mitigate tax risks.

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